Pietro is a composer and multimedia artist working with sounds, installations and performances. 

Pietro has produced work for the Barbican Centre, Mk Gallery, Borough Road Archive, Guest Projects, The University of Birmingham  and LOA Gallery.
He is an alumna of Barbican Young Visual Arts Group (2018) and Barbican Design Yourself (2019). Pietro is  an award nominated (MCPS Production Awards ‘18) composer for TV and has been commissioned to write music for PS4, Allergan, FELT Music, String and Tins, Anger Music, Finger Music and Goldestein.
Pietro is the host of Breakfast On The Grass, a monthly radio show on Soho Radio about Italian library music. Pietro graduated in Music Composition for Film and Games (2017) at the University of Hertfordshire (UK), and in Electronic Music and Multimedia Arts (2016) at the University of Pècs (Hungary).