Investigating the means by which entities can be defined by their relationships rather than their conventional classification, ‘Echoes from the Semiospheres’ is a multimedia piece resulting from the research of the electrochemical mycorrhizal transmissions of the roots of a peace lily plant and their sonification. By challenging the conventional hierarchies so symbolic of anthropocentrism, this project is grounded in the idea of estrangement from the natural world, in other words, the engagement with nature as something other and distant from that which is considered human (Hailwood, 2012). This division succeeds to consequently alienate and objectify non-human natural environments. We argue that by leaving this alienation behind, alternative living experiences and environments alone (umwelt) (Uexkull, 1977) and interconnected with each other (semiospheres) are revealed.

Through the use of the body as a localized site for understanding (Payne 2017) by providing a first-hand experience mediated by raw data and sound, ‘Echoes from the Semiospheres’ erases borders and hierarchies and invites the audience to withhold the uncomfortableness (Anderson et al. 1996) of being displaced from the center of attention, as the resultant sound composition is, due to our human condition, ungraspable.