CSMQB ~ Artist Residency

I am the artist in residence at the Centre for System Modelling and Quantitative Biomedicine, University of Birmingham.


As part of this residency (Jan. 2020-21) I am developing a five channels composition that mimics the interaction model between hormones and inflammatory mediators during cardiac surgery. The composition will be showcased at Centrala Birmingham in early 2021.
Together with the researchers (Eder ZavalaBen Gibbison, Jamie Walker and Danny Galvis) I designed an approximated version of this model, which highlights the feedback cycles and the dynamic interactions of each part. The resulting composition is made up of five voices with each voice allocated a distinct output, the sound sources are arrayed following the diagram below. At the centre of this diagram the hormones ACTH and Cortisol make up the harmonic axis of the piece (picture below). The harmonic axis oscillates on a frequency of 110hz. The outer triangle is made up of the inflammatory mediators TNF-α and IL6 and an Inflammation voice. During each composition cycle the outer triangle moves from dissonance towards consonance with the harmonic axis.