I am an artist working with sounds, installations and performances.

I have produced work for the Barbican Centre, MK Gallery, Borough Road Archive, Guest Projects, The Crypt Gallery, The University of Birmingham and LOA Gallery.
I am an alumni of Barbican Young Visual Arts Group (2018) and part of the Barbican born collective Design Yourself. I am an award nominated (MCPS Production Awards ‘18) composer for TV and I have been commissioned to write music for PS4Allergan, FELT Music, String and Tins, Anger Music, Finger Music and Goldestein.
I am the host of Breakfast On The Grass, a monthly radio show on Soho Radio about Italian library music. I have graduated in Music Composition for Film and Games (2017) at the University of Hertfordshire (UK), and in Electronic Music and Multimedia Arts (2016) at the University of Pècs (Hungary).